How to Build Website With WordPress in Couple of Minute Time

Today I am going teach the first step to build website and first step to open up your door to online world with your own online business. In the video I will teach you exactly how to build website in WordPress platform so you can start developing own website right now, watch the complete video because each and every steps are very important.

Before you follow the steps you need have domain ready and need to learn how to link your domain name with your hosting account through Nameserver(DNS) settings

Here are the things what you will learn when you watch the video exactly

1. How to create account and add your domain in Web Host Manager (WHM)
2. How to login in Control Panel (Cpanel)
3. How to build website with WordPress through Softaculous
4. When website is ready than you will learn how to clean your WordPress website

Below the video I have written all the steps so you can read it rather than watch the video. It is up to you to watch the video or read the content below

Here are the steps to follow.

How to Build Website With WordPress
1) Login to your web hosting account and create a new domain account in web host manager(WHM), example check the screen shot.

2) Login to your cpanel for example and scroll down to find Softaculous like in this screen shot

3) Press on install WordPress and fill up all the details but make sure

a. Always select “http://www”.
b. Remove “wp” from the directory field
c. Rename database name to any small name to 5-6 character, don’t worry you don’t need to remember this database just rename it
d. Rename the table fix “wp” to any name like “bb” leave the number as it is.
e. Than provide your site name and description.
f. Provide your username and never use “admin” as username always rename it, than Provide password and press install. It will take couple of second time to install WordPress on your website and then you can access your website and wordpress back office.
Wordpress back office usually the link is so you need to add “/wp-admin” after your domain

This entire sub above steps are very important for WordPress security because hundreds and upon thousands of website are hacked every single day so always follow my above steps when you create a website with WordPress.

4) Now clean you’re WordPress

a. Go to Post and trash the “Hello World” post.
b. Go to links and delete all the links, no links should show on there.
c. Go to page and trash the “Sample Page”
d. Go to Settings => Permalinks and select the radio button “post name” so your links will be properly optimized with search engine
c. Go to Settings => Privacy and check whether it is selected “Allow Site to Index in Search Engine”
e. Go to Setting => General settings and check your date & time and other fields as well

This are all the above steps are important which you need to follow in order to have good and clean website, ready to add quality content on website through post and page.

After these steps are complete than you need to add themes to the site which you can find at Appearance => Theme => New Theme.

Go ahead and install whatever theme you like and start building your website and I will create other video how to properly optimize your WordPress website with search engine and many more videos on other training’s.

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