How to See Your CPU Analysis, Memory Ram, Drivers Name and Many More

Before I used to suffer to see my sound card, network card, graphics card and many other drivers name. So I used to search in my own PC looking for the names and sometimes I used to open everything inside my CPU and look for the drivers names and that time I was a school boy.

I wished I would know this software name or anything like this software before so I would not struggle that time and putting all the energy in screwing my Desktop PC cause I was very good in hardware section as I liked to do it. Most of time I used open my CPU just to see what is memory ram size and how many slots are available cause I used to forget all the time and sometimes look for the driver name of Graphics Card, Network Card and Sound Card.

But any how we learn as the time pass by. And I know there are plenty of people like me who are still suffering from it so thought to make a video and help everyone.

I have recorded a live training video to watch and learn how you can find your own CPU analysis and all the necessary software drivers name. Watch the video to learn or else you can follow the steps below the video.

Here are the Simple Steps to follow.

1) I think one step is enough and rest you might understand yourself. Download this software name called “Speccy” and install it.
2) When installed completely than you will see how your life will be so easy if you are hardware person it might work for you like magic.

It is really a magic for me as I am web developer and internet marketer I need this kind of tool cause you never know when you might need to know about your PC or Laptop driver names and other necessarily things

I hope this helped you, if you have question regarding this topic than post your question below in the comment section or post your question in underneath the YouTube video in YouTube itself

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