Hello.. thanks for taking the time reading about me, my full name is Mohammed Fakhrul Alam. I was born in Dubai hospital in deira on 17th May but as origin I am from Bangladesh.

I was a computer junkie from Dubai onwards, technology inspires me which helps to pick things quickly like doing some editing works of images or video and I do learn them quickly.

I was addicted to games, I used to play fighting games, adventures games. We had a group of friend on every Thursday & Friday evening caused Thursday & Friday is weekend for Dubai we used to go to a sport center name called Sport City behind Al-Glulair Shopping Center.

So we used play indoor games, like pools, table tennis and the coins games I don’t know what they called. You usually put coins inside the box and play. And sometimes we used to play PC lan games like Fifa and so on..

So till 2005 this was my life in Dubai. Completed my O-levels in Dubai under a institute called “cosmos”, we used had lot of fun that time. Really I used the life of institute better than my school which was called “Gulf Indian High School” where I have studies till 10th standard and than moved to Cosmos to complete my O-levels

Than moved to Bangladesh at 2003, cause my dad had to move so we all have to move to Bangladesh. And Bangladesh was a different kind of life. Really enjoyed with family and friends and completed my A-levels on Subject Maths and Accounting.

I usually didn’t like Accounting, yeah accounting was good in the first part but second part was terrible and I still don’t know how I have passed it. But Maths was good, it was like giving you a cases and solve it.

It is like our Internet marketing business, pick a niche as project, build it and start generating flow of income and than move to next project..

So this was my A-levels study life in Bangladesh. But how I start and thinking that there was something that we can make money from online. And I don’t how I found that people are really making money online.

What I can remember is that I started it from paid to click sites, that time I didn’t know that we can make money from Google AdSense, nor I know PPC or SEO or all this stuffs..

I didn’t know nothing only paid to click, “You click an Ad and You Generate Income” which was 1 cent or 2 cent max 5cent per click. And funny thing is this site are still exist.

So that time I thought “OK people are making money from Paid to Click”, you make money by clicking the ads and make more money by referring others.

I have done so many crazy stuff, running a software in a system tray and making money which I was not anyway, all crazy stuffs, If I all say you, you will be laughing..

Made some money like $10 or $20 and I still remember the site called adbux.org, bux.to and so many. I used to sign up in all the paid to click and keep on click ads and ads, but at the end nothing happen. Don’t get me wrong that paid to click is scam, they are good for advertising and earning but it is not for me but I have spend lots of month anyway for it so didn’t got anything as long term.

The main problem I was facing in Bangladesh I could not withdraw the money out, cause there was no Paypal and Alertpay that time so can’t do nothing with the money what I have earn that time..

Than I moved to traffic exchanges promoting, paid to clicks sites and other traffic exchange site. Don’t get me wrong traffic exchange is good for advertising if you know how to do it.

So yeah clicking and surfing for hours and hours, months and months, years and years. But what happen no long term income, nor long term business, made money here and there but that is short term money which does not last long any way.

On 2007 I moved to UK, and this changed my whole mind. It’s like eyes open. In UK I have done plenty of jobs like dropping leaflets door to door, standing in front of Liverpool street station and giving leaflet’s (this was my first time job ever).

Than moved to sales job. I was selling prepaid master card standing on high streets for months and than created my own sales team, we used to sale B2B services like pay-point machines, cash machines and western union service and so on.

But this was for couple months cause the payment system was not good nor the team was motivated, so dropped it.

Than moved to do part time job in The O2 arena as a hawker, selling food items likes waters, drinks and so on inside the arena. It was fun job, but not business I need to take orders from others which I don’t like..

Remember I was doing traffic exchanges and was crazy for it, I was promoting hell lot of product inside traffic exchanges but one day I found a program called Acme People Search, it is made by Tissa Godavitarne, he is multi millionaire.

Acme People Search is a great program but the problem was with me, I didn’t know exactly how to promote it, I joined it and started to promote in traffic exchanges which was not giving me good results.

And was thinking about quick money, overnight success and so on. You know we all think this happens when we all started online business. But does not exist, there is no push a button, quick scheme and so on.

And the funny part was Tissa was teaching everyone anyway how to do it but I was not able to understand, scared to do it, thinking whether it will work or not but it was working for him anyway and it didn’t gone through my brain.

So how do I really started making real money online, I mean continues follow of income.

I joined a network marketing company called “Tiscali” which is busted now cause Talk Talk company bought it in UK. And my up-line forget his name, I asked him how we can promote it online. He said blogging, so thought how to really do blogging and promote my business..

I heard this word Blogging before joining the network marketing business cause Google have the name called Blogger so from there you can understand that with blogger.com you can do blogging.

So I have started blogging about my business with zero knowledge how it really works. Wrote few post of article and after few weeks I can see visitors are coming from Google search engine.

You know what I made also a sale of £60 commission, my mind tube light blown away like crazy. So many stuffs are going through my head like ant’s. That I really understood how people are making really money online.

It was so simple I didn’t know it, people are making money pre selling others people products, so simple process. Some were making money by PPC, some other were making by SEO but now a days you can generate income by plenty ways, like Facebook, YouTube, building list, SEO, PPC and so on.

I said to myself if I knew it before than my time won’t be wasted but anyway I found it out cause I didn’t quite. So you can learn the lesson from me that if you don’t quite you will find it out one day if you are in the right direction and you are anyway in the right direction.

And I thank you for reading about me and my online business story, people usually don’t take time to read others people story cause they are in rush of thinking quick money and overnight success which is not true.

Now I have plenty of sites and products which are giving good amount of income every month. I can go on and on about me but the point to write all this about me is to tell you that how I have started and how patience I was so you can think that “If He Can Do It Than I Can Also Do It”

Thanks again for reading my story and don’t forget to take your 100% FREE Online Business Course which will help and guide you how to start your own business online. Plus it change your way of thinking and once you finished the course and apply than you will see that there is endless amount work to do and endless amount of business opportunities.

And one more thing if you are stuck in anything in online business give me a shout anytime. Contact me by filling the form in the contact page or you can connect me with social networks and give me a message anytime.

Fakhrul Alam