How to Install WordPress Theme in WordPress Platfrom

People tends to be scared to install a theme in WordPress but installing a WordPress theme to WordPress platform is very easy and simple and I don’t know why people make it complicated. Off-course it is learning curves that is why we need to have patience and give time to learn it. If no one gives time to learn it than how can you expect to learn quickly?

Yes there are some technical things involved but once you learn one time than everything is sorted. Plenty of people are looking for this solution, one bug in their internet marketing business can take her or his confidence away because these technical things need to be learned and need give time to learn.

Any way I have created the video training and those who are struggling to know how to install WordPress theme in WordPress platform than watch my video and everything will be cleared. And below the video there is video transcript content if you don’t want to watch the video training

Here are the steps to learn how to install WordPress Them

  • Login to your WordPress Back office like If you don’t know how to install a WordPress System than you can watch this video training.
  • How to Install WordPress Theme

  • Find the word “Appearance” take your mouse and click on theme. Two theme is already installed in your WordPress platform you can use theme but I really don’t like them because there layout and style are not good so I go for premium WordPress Theme as I can style and layout the WordPress theme but that is advance training.
  • Now you click on install new theme and click on featured and use any theme you like. Just click on the theme and press install and active. Now browse your website and see your website is changed with the selected theme.
  • But if you have your WordPress theme and need to use then you need a software called filezilla so you can connect your domain server and upload directly.
  • To upload directly you need your domain Cpanel login details. The login details is the same details when you have create an account in web host manager(WHM), if you forgot than you can watch the video training again while building your website.
  • Now download the filezilla software and install it.
  • Open the site manager and create new site by providing your host name which is and select the logon type to normal and type your Cpanel username and password and press connect.
  • Once you connect go to the folder “public_html” and then go to “wp-content” and then go to “theme” folder
  • Upload your WordPress them to the theme folder.
  • Log-in to your WordPress back-office go to “Appearance” >> “Theme” and see whether your uploaded theme is showing or not. If it is showing than click on the theme and active it.
  • Now browse your website and see your theme is installed manually and now you can add post and design. That need a another video training.

I hope this training really helped you and if you any question about this you can comment below or you can contact me through social network.

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