How to Forward and Mask Your Domain to Other Website Link

Plenty of affiliate marketers start new and they struggle with long affiliate links and some local people also struggle with their domain because something they want to forward their domain to other website links as well.

So I have created a Step by Step Video on how to forward your Domain to other website link so you don’t need to remember long affiliate links all the time, just promote your domain to everybody. Before you watch the video learn how to register your domain.

Under the video there is a step by step content if you don’t like to watch the video.

Click here to watch on Youtube

Here is the step by step method to forward and mask your domain

1. Go to Godaddy and login to your account How to Forward and Mask Domain

2. Find out your domain by going to your “My Account” page and press the launch button. Check this screen shot for example

3. Once you press the “Launch” button your domain control panel will load and find out the “Forward” button and hover your mouse on “Forward” and click on “Forward Domain”. Check this screen shot

4. One window will pop up and place your other website address where you want to forward your domain if you just want to forward it without masking it and Press OK. It will take around couple of minute’s time to forward completely. Or want to learn how to mask your domain than read the next steps. Check this screen shot for example

5. Click “Advance Option” and select “Forward with Masking”. Enter Your Title, Description and Keyword of your forward website address. Now just Press OK. Check this screen shoot image

6. What will happen let me explain you? If somebody goes to than it will forward to your given website address but will all the time seen in your browser address bar. So public will never know what website address you have forward it to.

This is the power of forward with masking and something it gets index in search engine so you might get some visitor through search engine as well

I usually don’t do much forwarding, when I buy a domain I usually build a relevant website under the domain so I can properly promote a product in my own way. But starting with domain forwarding it is a good start but don’t stick with it all the time cause I never relay on other website address cause they close down anytime so that is the reason I build my own website and product others people product

If you have any more questions on domain forwarding you can post your comment below or contact me through social network

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