Whom to Ask Question on Make Money Online

This is a very serious issue now a days for affiliate marketer, internet marketer and network marketer whom to ask a question in make money online business when they get stuck. Some network marketer does not even bother to ask question because they barely know about online marketing but watching my video it will help even network marketer as well so they can ask any type of question they want.

Usually affiliate marketer and internet marketer always falls into this type of problem, when they apply on something whatever they learned, always a question arise in their mind and they become stuck and can’t move on.

Sometime for this reason some people totally give up and don’t believe in making money online business at all. But there is a solution for it and I have create a step by step video for any question arises in your mind you will get your answer. Why won’t you will get your answer, the place what I have shared there are 1000 of internet marketing experts are waiting for you to help so it your opportunity to ask as much as question you can

If you are not willing to watch the video than don’t worry I have shared step by step content what to do and some of screen shot so you can understand exactly what you need to do.

Watch the video on Youtube

Here is the step by step process.

1) Go to www.znb.me/wa and press the like button. check this screen shot

2) Register for FREE for 10 days through facebook and join the community to ask your question and learn some knowledge and technique from them as well. Check this screen shot

3) On the top right corner next to your profile image, click on “Write a Blog”. Check this screen shoot

4) Now Write down your Title of question and always use this “[Question]” and than type your question title and put down your question description as much as possible details you can so those who will give answer to your question than he/she will understand it properly and help him/her to give you in detail answer as well. Check this screen shot

But before posting your question I high recommend you search you question and probably you will find your answer before hand so you can post another question

You may also join warriorforum and ask your question over there but I am with Wealthy Affiliate for many years and I really like their quality of answer and quality of training so they are good on what they do

You can also post your question below in the comment or you can contact me on social networks.


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