How to Change Domain DNS to Link With Web Hosting

Changing domain DNS nameserver and linking with web hosting is the first step of any making money online and it is the first step to build your website. If the DNS is not linked properly than the website will never be built properly and many problems will start to begin.

I can’t say it is easy, as it is easy for me because I do plenty of times and I build plenty of website every single day so I am used to with it. But for brand new people it is quite challenging task to change their domain DNS setting and linking with web hosting account.

Watch the video and learn step by step how to do it. And I have also written down the steps what to do if video is not comfortable for you.

Can watch the video on Youtube

Here is the step by step method to change domain dns to change dns

1. To do this you need two things, first you need a domain so if you didn’t bought any domain than you can learn here how to buy a domain as well. Second you need a web hosting account, I always Prefer GVO because I am with them for 2 years without any problem and I am using their tools every single day so they don’t need me I need them.

More features and benefits are written down in GVO’s sales page so you can have read about it.

2. Once you have your web hosting registered than grab your domain settings like GVO has their own DNS setting like in this screen shot

3. Now log-in to your domain registrar and find out your domain which you want to link with your hosting provider

4. Get inside the Domain Settings and find where ever saying “Nameserver” or “Change Your DNS” or “Set Nameserver” and click on one of these button if you find any and then give the DNS code which you have grabbed from your hosting provider, for example with Godaddy check this screen shot

5. Press OK or Submit and That’s it. Your domain DNS is linked with the web hosting provider

If you follow the steps one by one than it will be very easy for you and you can change DNS settings on next domain.

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