How to Make and Add Header Banner to WordPress Website

Header banner is very important for any niche review sites and it stands out nice when people visit to your website. As image speaks thousands word, if you have nice looking and to the point header banner than the banner image will speak to your visitor itself and which will also build the trust with the visitor.

Watch the video training and learn exactly how to create and add header banner to your WordPress website. And below the video their transcript content if you don’t understand by watching the video.

Here are the step by step method to add banners to your WordPress Website

1. First create the banners using a software like Adobe Photoshop or any other image editor software with accurate width and height of the banner. How to add header banner in WordPress WebsiteIf you can’t create header banner than outsource it from fiverr for $5 and add to your website. Remember you are creating the banner image one time so giving $5 is worth for long term business.

2. Now login to your website WordPress back-office and look for “Header” section under “Appearance” as in this screen shot.

3. Next task is very is simple if the banners is created, now upload the banner and press save button, that’s it you have now added the header banner in the site.

Just make sure that your header image looks good for your website.

If you have any questions post in the comment below or contact me in social networks.

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