Why YouGetProfit is Better Than Google Adwords

After very long time I am publishing a post, and publishing very good post for everybody cause everyone need this idea to do marketing online. If I say that in YouGetProfit you can advertise your website for almost FREE in Business Opportunity, MLM, Affilaite marketing and so on targeted market would you listen to my video.

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And if I say that you will get back YOUR Advertising Money($$$), for example if you want to promote your website in Google Adwords in business opportunity niche then what you have to do? Don’t Know !!!  Will Google return your Advertising Cost? No Google Won’t. Let me say you what you need to do.

  • First of all Google Adwords don’t allow anymore promotion on MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Work from Home or any kind online business related so if you are thinking about promoting in Google Adwords your business Opportunity forget about it totally now.
  • Not in business opportunity niche than what you have to do in Google Adwords, first you need a Gmail account, open Google Adwords account
  • Create a campaign, make proper ads, add keywords and so on related
  • Then you have to test your ads and see whether it is converting or not, WHY you have to do testing because you don’t want to waste money on advertising
  • That is why I am explaining in the video how to save money on Advertising in Business opportunity or any other niche market

In YouGetProfit you can advertising anything you want as long as real human are seeing your website and there is a probability that you will get conversion or even sales but here nothing is the fear whether it will converting or not, Advertising money is returning back to you.YouGetProfit

Just imagine you are getting 5000 website traffic, 100 banner clicks and it return getting back $30 straight into your main balance which you can withdraw it anytime whenever you want.

So what exactly you are getting for $25 Ad pack share.

  • 5000 Website Traffic to Any Link Apart from Youtube (Even Geo-Targeted is Available).
  • 100 Banner Clicks (It is not 100 Banner impression it is 100 banner clicks real people will literally click on your banner).
  • 7 Days Login Ads Promotion (this is also a Banner Ad promotion which means when you login in back office 3 banner ads promoted so you can place your own ads as well, so whenever anybody login in YouGetProfit for whole 7 days YOUR Banner ads will be show and all stats are provided).
  • Each Ad share you get back $30 potential earning (that means $25 is share price and they giving advertising option plus returning $30 from profit share)

How cool is this, getting paid to advertise your business to WORLDWIDE through this amazing internet.

I am using this traffic all time and getting good results, i have shown the results in the video please do watch it to know the clear picture. It is really better than other Ad share company, I can say that YouGetProfit and AdHitProfit is really good advertising sharing company, not only they are showing results but also returning our cost on Advertising. Very Worth to Join.

I have bought 28 shares, all the 28 shares are active and 20 shares completed in few weeks time and got a profit of $721.00 and still running cause 8 active shares are still going. And withdrawn successfully $453.88. For transparency play the video in this post and you will see the numbers.

Inside there is 2 Level MLM income opportunity and many more things are available inside so this is just a brief but you can learn yourself more inside or watch the video I have explained much about it

YouGetProfit have many membership levels (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Infinity) and I really liked the level cause this shows how much you want to buy your Ad Share and how serious you are.

Don’t take my words, check out the forums and see so many success stories.

If you are really looking for serious traffic for your business opportunity then you have to join up YouGetProfit and send 5000 traffic to your website instantly now and see the results. If you have any question buzz me anytime or connect with me social network we can have a chat.

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