Review On Oneadpack – Really a Scam or Legit?

I have joined many advertising sharing profit companies in past like banners broker and so on but it turned into scam. The owner of the companies run away taking people money but I am getting green signals from OneAdpack program. Previous advertising share profit companies did pay me but they did not stay for a long time and that is why many people and I stopped believing in these companies.

But few of the companies are still running but not that level growing like YouGetProfit, at least they are not scamming people, paying the users on time that why many users are still staying.

I join this company to advertise my website, I am not so attracted to their profits but Oneadpack seems pretty good still now and I do believe it will survive for a long time.

The best part of Oneadpack is that you can purchase an adpacks for just $1. If you have the money in your bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money and Solidtrustpay just join into it and test it. Purchase $1 adpack and run it for 30 days to check whether it is worth to invest or not.


But the best part is that you are promoting your Website to new people so back off your mind you should think that I am paying to advertise not for earning. Within in few days, you will understand the results and will be addicted to purchasing more adpacks.

I bought 25 adpacks for $25 and it is getting good results every day, the boring part is that you have view 10 sites every day in order for your earning keep on running. I didn’t withdraw yet, I repurchased it with my earning and got 2500 credits that mean I will get 2500 views on my website. Views are slowing coming but I believe it will be faster when many members will join.

Shocking thing is that many people have joined and it’s growing every day that is why I am sharing this opportunity with you to be ahead from others and start earning faster and quicker.

What are the earning opportunities from Oneadpack?

Two ways of earning opportunity, first way is that you purchase adpacks starting from $1 ($1 is 1 adpack) to $100 per day and start visiting websites, minimum requirements is 10 visit per day because you will be earning 0.4333% of your spend for every viewing sites which turns to 4.333% for 10 visit per day.

Second ways of earning are by referring others about this opportunity and earn two-tier level deep, first level you will earn 7% of their payment processing purchase because that is your direct referral and 3% if they repurchase again from their earning. Second level earning is 3% of payment purchase and 1% of earning purchase.

You should be excited and interested on it because we are losing nothing over here but gaining every day because we are buying advertising where real people will view our website and they might turn into customers along with it we are getting our money back.

Other advertising sharing profit companies do not start their adpacks purchase with $1, their minimum starting purchase is $25 and some are $100. So if you have not started making money online then you should start now with this Oneadpack program and be excited to earn passive income daily.

Some more information about them is that they allow with one slot to advertise which means you can advertise only one website. If you want to advertise more websites then you have to use a URL rotator like, try to for upgrade member into it as for upgrade members it won’t show the top banner. You can withdraw your income faster and quicker to SolidTrustPay, bitcoin and much more, they don’t accept PayPal.

At the end what I want to say is that join it with just $1 and understand the process and see the system inside so you will get the point more clearly weather to further investment into it or not. Click here now to join with me so I can guide you better and help you promoting the program as well.

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