Learning how to write from mobile and publish on my blog

Few days before I saw a mobile application for E71 name called wordmobi and I thought it is some other type of application which will deal with emails or social network or dictionary.

But I was wrong, when I took some time to read it and found that we can write blog post from mobile anytime and from anywhere. When I thought I can write and update my blog from anywhere and anytime than went crazy for this application cause this application will save lot cheap generic kamagra of my time and the works will be much quicker and faster.

You know What, I become more frustrated because the application was not installing properly, it need some other 3rd buy ampicilin party application to support it.

Looking for that application found one and need to find another one because need two application to run wordmobi. At last found westernunion and installed the applications, tried again wordmobi now it is working fine.

Now need to learn it how to operate, I had few test wordpress blog, tested with that and it was working but can’t post or see any updates. Now what I taught is I will try my own personal blog and same thing working find but can’t post or edit.

After few minutes found out the problem, the problem was to enable 3rd party posting system from my wordpress setting.

After enabling the setting this post will be my first wordpress blog post through my E71 mobile phone and hope that I will use this application frequently.

It is a good story but learned a lot and learning curve never finishes.

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