9 Different Ways Where People Waste Their Time and Energy in Online Business

Millions of online educations courses have been developed for plenty of years, and thousands of people have developed successful business online year after year but the problem is the percentages of failures are more compare to the successful people and I have found out one of the key factors why people fails so much than success.

Those who fails in building successful long term business, I can not give all the responsibility of failure to them-self because half percentage to make them failure is the environment where they move around.

One major reason I know is people who want to starts a business online but fails because they waste their lot of time and energy which I listed down and why they loss their time and energy.waste time and energy

1. Keeps on browsing and learning but no action.

One guy seriously wants to start a business online whether it is affiliate marketing, listing building, network marketing and so on but he never succeed because he keeps on browsing the internet and giving the time where it does not produce results

And keeps on learning from different ways whether it is marketing research, business research, mindset and so on, one big problem is that they never put into action. I mean to say what he have learned he should put into action for at least one week time and wait for the result.

If you keep on browsing like checking mails, facebook, games and so on than how in the world you will produce results, to get results you need to put into action. Learned it and now need to put into action.

2. Keeps on buying products or service but no action

Now a days people likes to buy products for education purpose or service purpose and it is good but not too much. I do also like to buy products which attracts me but at the end of the day if I don’t apply what I have learned from the product than where in the world I will make money.

Buy one product or service which you are comfortable stick with it apply it at least couple of months or years than move on to increase your results.

3. Does 10 kind of business, confused and overwhelmed.

This is also one of the major problem for new internet marketers because now a days we see so many shiny object, after writing this blog if I go to my email or facebook I will see a email about a new business opportunity or marketing method and this will happen, it is the question of choice, we have to choose which one we feel easy and comfortable.

Doing 10 business at the same time will easily confuse, loss your concentration and highly reduces you chances to be successful online.

My recommendation is to focus on one business, build one business until it is stable and leveraging your time and effort than only we can move on another one to scale up the income, very easy formula

4. Wait for something, product launch, for market, for¬†software’s.

I used to be like that before, I used to wait for the product launch or for the market or for the software’s, I used to think that if that product launches or I get the software, I will start making money. But unfortunately it didn’t worked.

If you have plan in your mind and paper and you are confident on it, move on, go for it, do not wait for any tools or market. Tools only will help you to increase efficiency and reduce your time, that’s it

Shocking to see that I was not alone plenty of people used to do and here people lose their time a lot.

5. Keeps many mentors at the same time

Plenty of people keeps many mentors at the time, tomorrow any product launches, they will subscribe to their email list and start learning from them which is good, I am not saying bad but keep only one mentor and stick with him cause he has done the same thing to be successful.

Keep a mentor who is successful and you are comfortable with him or her.

6. Does many marketing method at the same time.

If you do facebook, seo, video, ppc and so on at the same time without knowing good knowledge about it than how in the world you will be successful.

Don’t get me wrong people does it, you and I also have to do it but not in the same time and not all the marketing method we need to do. We can learn it when needed unless we have big team as a backup who are doing different marketing method particularly.

7. Thinks to0 much, rather than applying

The education course what you have bought, follow the mentor, we don’t need to think too much or go beyond him until we apply it and experience it.

My point is first apply it what you have learned than only we can think out of the box and your experience will automatically tell your brain what to do.

8. Browsing on non resulting things

It is pretty simple, people waste their time on facebook, checking emails, watching youtube videos, watching movies online, twitter and all other non resulting things which does not give income back.

Obviously if we keep on browsing in internet for hours and hours not doing for business which will not literally produce result than how we can think about success

Giving time and effort for business is very important task in order to develop successful business online.

9. Does not maintain time table

Making money online is a business, so everything should be in time table, I know people who does not sleep because they always dream about success and thinks what they will do when they will not become successful before applying it and it happens, it happen with me and plenty successful people.

We need to relax and maintain our time, if we don’t maintain our time and give our time 24 hours on online than nothing will be grown. There is nothing to rush, internet is not going anywhere, maintaining the health is always very important than business.

Maintain your timetable for business whether you do in office or home. Working more for business is also one kind of wasting time and lots of energy.

So here are the things what I can remember and my experiences says why there are plenty of failures than successful people and one main reason is they waste lots of their times and energy on non productive things

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