Facebook Will Sky Rocket Your Affiliate Business and Local business Affiliate

I was late to the conference for about 15 minuties and but after entering to the conference I thought in my mind that I lost so many thing but usually Tissa introduce himself to the new people and takes 10 minuties to do so. So I didn’t missed much..facebook

I wished you have been to the conference and you eyes will blown off madly but anyway let me try my best to make you understand properly.

How facebook will increase your affiliate commission even more faster than just by using facebook. He created a system which is similar to facebook fan page, like whenever facebook users press the like button they will get a reveal tab page and that is great and wonderful but majority people don’t know how to do that but it does not mean that if you can do the facebook fan page than this system you don’t need..

If you are a network marketer or internet marketer than you need this system because it is one off the powerful viral system with the massive facebook because facebook itself is a massive viral platform but with this system it will be more powerful..

Now let me tell you exactly what is it..

You pick any of your affiliate link which is promoting someone products, what if your visitors promotes for you for FREE. Watch the magic, your affiliate link will get shorten by a link which is similar like bit.ly, goo.gl and so on.

And whenever your shorten link clicked by any of your visitors through website, or status update or articles or from any where, they will see a pop over in front of the affiliate website and behind that pop up your affiliate website will be invisible like blur. In that pop over there will be written like this “Like us to to get discount”.

You can write whatever you want and below that title you will have the like button which will be integrate with your facebook account. When your visitor will like the button the header and the link will be visible in the visitors facebook wall and that will also create more viral. Not only the visitor facebook friends can see in their news feed.

But whenever the visitor facebook friends click the link, the friend will see the same thing what your visitor saw which is the pop over box with like button in it and that’s a madly viral.

Every facebook friends have average of 100 friends at least and that makes me mad because if your visitor click that like button, the probability is facebook will click it at least out of hundred one will click it and that’s boom, unstoppable visitor to your affiliate link or your business or anything you want..

It is awesome, oops I forgot to give you the link.. Here is the link to learn more http://lykd.it and it is on beta version as well so great opportunity to be in front hand

I am thinking right that by reading this post you are blown up, so think in this way what will happen if you were in the webnair today which is done by Tissa and here is his story.

You eyes would blown you away, this small system will increase your conversion rate hugely, your visitor will increase and it will be a pure word of mouth advertising..

I really enjoyed writing this blog and I am going to use the system and increase my affiliate commission..

P.S become my friend in facebook and twitter.. Thanks

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