5 Things What I Don’t Do in Internet Marketing Business?

I thought why not write down some of my things which I don’t do at all in Internet marketing business. As it was really hard to learn and understand about this, it took me years to understand because before I used to do the below things all the time and that is the reason my online business didn’t grow that much well.

After understanding and learning from others, following the successful people I understood after years time that everybody does not need to know everything which I will discuss but first I will explain what I really don’t do at all when I open my computer everyday. It will really help for new comers who are going to start their business online, cause this is my years experience and those who reads it, his or her years will not be wasted any more.

Me and others has gone through this stages and we understand what will give results and what will not. I have break it down in some topics so it will be easy to take in and properly understand it.

Don’t Jump from Business to Business

When I have started online business in two years back, I used to jump from one business to another and there is reason behind because I was new and excited about it cause I saw people are making good money from online, earning full time income from home which made me jealous sometimes and impatient.internet marketing

I was looking for quick money as I was seeing people are making money every day so I have become crazy and started to join as many business I can. I still remember that I used to join paid to click program every day and traffic exchange websites everyday. Doing clicking business in paid to click, earning cents here and there, than earning credits from traffic exchanges and again wasting my credits for that paid to click program, long years gone.

Done this things for about 1 to 2 years, my PC was running 24 hours every day just to earn some credit, spend lots of hours and hours in front of traffic exchanges website. Traffic exchange website is good but I was not doing properly, basically I didn’t had any plan for it, just gone crazy joining programs everyday and earning credits or cents but not potential long term business.

After couple of years I understand jumping from business to business will not work and will not make me millionaire at all. So decided to do one thing at a time, focus one business and grow that business and move on.

When I have made the decision and applied that I have to do one thing at a time this really helped me to understand how to leverage the time and be more skilled in particular field. Internet is very very broad, so many things to learn all the time but if you don’t apply what you have learn than lots of time and energy will be wasted, you will even forget what you have learned.

Finishing of this topic is that jumping from business to business or program to program will not make people success online. Success comes with a good business model and consistency, we are people not robots so need to focus on one thing at a time.

Learn and Put into Action

After getting recovered from paid to clicks and traffic exchange where I have given lots of time and energy, next I went to buy things, keep buying and buying not applying at all. I can’t say that I didn’t apply at all what I have learned, I did apply but not on consistency basis.

The things which I bought was not a scam, the problem was not with them, the problem was inside my mind and heart. What I was doing is learning different kinds of strategy of marketing, became really addicted with it like smoking and alcohol.

Everyday when some new emails comes and the sales page is really attractive which make me curiosity to know more about it. The sale page is really created in this way that you have to buy it, if you don’t buy than you will stay behind and that’s what killing me. I all the times thinks that if I don’t learn this strategy I will stay behind from this marketing method, this is totalling wrong.

The Internet is not going somewhere else, it will stay for long live until I die or the world finish..

If you read about this topic and my story than you should understand by now that whatever you buy any education stuffs whether for offline or online, you need to apply it. Let me put in this way, why to buy a product or service were you are not serious about it, in business the plan is the first step to begin and than need to make a strong destination.

Someone has the plan and very strong destination than no one in earth can stop that guy to be successful. Put in this why, what if you are successful than what will you do, when you have decided it, hold it and move on until you make it.

Don’t Jump from One Marketing Method to Another

In order to grow online business we need to learn Internet marketing and obviously if we don’t get traffic than there is no point to build a website or build online empire.

So marketing is very important, people says that don’t put all yours eggs in one basket. People are right but we can’t do all the marketing at the same time. Learn one marketing apply it and than move on to another marketing method until the old marketing produces results.

I don’t move from one marketing method to another, I first learn one, apply it for weeks or months consistency until I see it gives me any results. We don’t need to be hurry on anything, just take your time and learn the marketing method properly until you become skilled in that marketing strategy.

Don’t Waste Time Which Does not Product Results

Very simple logic, whatever you do in Internet if that thing does not produce results to you whether it is getting leads, sales or traffic than there is no point to put time on it.

We have to give time to which creates results and positive long term results like writing articles, finding good niche, learning new marketing strategy and so on.

Stay Away from Negative Friends and Family

Don’t get me wrong, it does not mean that we need to break relationship from our friends and family. What I want to say that we need to stay away from negative mind of friends and family just for this online business purpose.

Basically I don’t discuss anything about my online business to my friends and family because I used to do network marketing before and I have done lots of cold calling to strangers, friends and family, got a discouragement feedback from them which really demotivate me and drains all my energy.

It is not their fault, it is my fault I approached wrong person in different way, that time I didn’t know about Internet and how powerful it was so it happens but taught me good lesson.

I discussed only once about my online business to my friends and family but after getting negative feedback, I never used to discuss about my business any time again to my friends and family. Why we need to drag our friends and family where we have the whole 3 billion users in Internet plus growing every day, does it make sense, yes it does.

So once you see that your friends and family are teasing your or giving negative response just stay away from them and find a good place where you can start or carry on your online business with out any distraction and disturbance

Above five main points were people really puts lots of time and energy, in the end if it does not produce any results they feel like frustration and give up from online business. We all know that now a days there is so many scams and sceptical out there, people easily gets attracted from the next shiny object which creates 97% failure people in online business.

Can’t do anything about it because it is internet and which is beyond anyone control to block this scams but we can only advice and educate people from which they need to be aware of and stay away from scams and shiny objects

Stay focus on one thing, build that or learn it properly than only move to another one. The most important part is create a plan first and move along with the plan, don’t worry if your plan fails but you will learn from your failure.

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