What to Do if Your Website is Down?

Sometimes our sites gets down and even my website gets down, strange thing with me is that when my one site gets down my all the site gets down and you are thinking right that I should panic and become angry as well, this happened not once but plenty of times.

Not to worry I have learned the way and which I am going to share with you as well of what you need to do when your sites gets down. First don’t panic and don’t just start screaming on hosting company cause some time some controls goes beyond hosting company’s hand

Here are the facts you need to know as shown you understand you website went down.

DON’T Panic

Don’t panic and don’t worry about files and so on cause everything stored and also backed up in hosting company. I don’t know about your hosting company but my hosting company back up all of my websites files and database.

Clear Cookie

If broadband connection is fine then next task will be to check your browser cache and cookie. Open up an different browser like Firefox, Google chrome, Safari and so on, load up your website to see whether it is working or not.

If it is working in different browser than it is your browser problem with cache and cookie. Not to worry it is very simple to clear cache and cookie. Open up the browser press ctrl+Shift+Del, one window will automatically pop up. Next task select Cache and Cookie, also select everything or from beginning and press OK. Now everything will be cleared from your browser, now you can try to load your website and see whether it is working or not

Broadband Connection

As soon you feel site is down, check your broadband or internet connection and see whether it is active or not. If internet connection is not working fine then it’s your broadband connection problem not from hosting.

And sometimes broadband provider also blocks certain websites IP or sometimes if you use router, router do store the cache of your website. You just need to switch off and on your router; this should help your site to work back if there is not any issue from hosting provider

Contact Your Live Support

Tried all the above things and still does not work then it is definitely your hosting provider problem. You have to immediately contact them as emergency support or live support, sometimes they know about this issue and sometimes they don’t so you can’t take the risk.

Follow this above process in the time of website downtime before start contacting the live support.

Advantage of GVO.

I do also face this entire downtime problem but my hosting company is very good and very supportive as well. And I just want to share about few advantages of GVO.

1. 24/7 hours live support, can contact them immediately through live chat.

2. Emergency support, this is the best one. They have a dedicated support team for emergency support. As soon as I find my website is down, I login my back office press the emergency button and fill up some quick form and goes straight to the emergency support. This is good what do you think.

3. Can also open up high ticket where I get response very quickly.

4. Four ways to contact them in time of downtime, first on 24/7 hours live support, second on back office emergency support, third one open up high ticket and the last one contact them my email. If I am not at home and find out that my site is down, then one email I can contact them straight way and they do also reply quickly

and many more features GVO as than any hosting provider, you can watch this Youtube video to know more information.

If you face any short of problem with your website, comment below whether me or someone else will help your problem to solve.

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