How to Get Paid To Advertise Online

Who is the biggest advertising platform in the internet, you guess right, it is Google, Bing and Yahoo. This three search engine is the biggest search engine one the planet and they helps you to bring quality customer to your business website so if anyone start promoting their business in this three search engine properly than definitely Google, Bing and Yahoo will send quality visitors to the business website.Get Paid To Advertise

But the drawback is that it is very expensive to advertise in this search engines and it is quite technical to understand, if you advertise in this three search engine you need to learn what is PPC, CPC, CTR and your conversion rate so once you understand what is your conversion rate than you can put more money into it and maximizes your customer or lead potential.

But plenty of people can’t even think about advertising in this three search engine because plenty of people don’t understand how it works, and it is expensive as well. So those who understand properly they are the winner in this field and capture the entire customer potential to them.

The solution is not to give up and can’t say that you can’t advertise anywhere. I found a place where you can advertise your business starting with free and then if you think it is worth than purchase it to get for visitors to your website. This is not what I am trying to say, first of all the advertising platform name is Banners Brokers and over here you can get paid to advertise your business online.

So how does it works, basically they provides you a opportunity to promote your business banner throughout their own publishers where you might get visitor to your website. Over here you are purchasing banner impressions and renting a space from their publisher websites, so your business banner are promoting throughout their publisher website and you get 1000 FREE Banner Impression when you join for FREE and try it for FREE.

Once happy with free banners impression than you might be curious to buy more banner impression but you always think whether you will lose money or not. One thing I will tell that you will never lose money over here because if you invest any money to buy impression, you will get twice your money back and get paid to advertise online.

For example, suppose you bought $400 worth of banner impression (Green Package) which you need to promote your business banner and that is normal and plenty of website does it. But what unique about the advertising platform, they will give you $800 back which you can withdraw in your Payza or SolidTrustPay(STP) account directly with in certain week period of time.

What are you losing to promote your business banner online, NOTHING!. Instead your are making money double what you have invested on advertising in certain week period of time. And if you didn’t get any visitor as well than no problem, what you have invested you got your money back and double of it.

That is the reason I liked it and I do also promote my business banners in banners broker to maximize my business and get lots of customer or leads.

Everything depends on testing, cause in online business if you have a product or business opportunity than we need to test, without testing we can’t say anything whether banners broker, Google Adwords, Yahoo & Bing advertising works or not but in this advertising platform you are not losing money anyway.

If you have any question anything post your question in the comment below or contact me through social network.

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