7 Ways to Learn About Google Keyword Tool Competition

All the internet marketer in the planet needs to use Google keyword tool to check for monthly search and related keywords so they can understand which keyword they need to focus on. But one drawback in Google Keyword tool is that they don’t provide actual competition of SERP (search engine result page) inside the tool so that is the reason I am writing this content to tell you that there are 7 Ways you need to understand about Google search engine result page and the competition.

Inside the keyword tool, they do provide a competition bar, but that is not actual competition on organic search engine, it tells us about the Google Adwords Competition and it is also said as PPC if you don’t understand what Adwords is. So I am going to share you how to find real Google search engine competition page.

Before I share how to find real competition page, I need to share about 7 ways that you need to understand about competition page.

google keyword tool

Google Keyword Tool

1. What does mean by competition and what is good?

Competition means very simple, let me give you an example and tell you exactly what does competition means. If you go to Google now and type “how to loose weight” than you will find plenty of web page results, and just under the search address bar you will see some numbers and that represents total competition of this keyword.

Now if you do search again “how to lose weight” with the quotation mark then you will see the numbers have been changed. That means the keyword “how to loose weight” exactly shown in all that pages number but still it not an actual competition.

To find actual competition type again “how to loose weight” and now scroll down until you don’t see Google pages numbers, click on 10 and then again on the last number, keep on doing it until it ends. As soon as it ends than you will see the actual competition number under the search bar. You have now learned a fantastic hidden secret that many of internet marketers even guru’s does not know about it.

The keyword “how to lose weight” is very competitive, go to Google keyword tool and type this keyword again than find the related keyword to follow the same steps above, then you will understand the real competitions web page numbers, because most of the keyword remains under 50 to 500  or more.

And there is a keyword tool to find this competition quicker and I believe I have created a video on this, let me find the video on Youtube and I will share with you now, here is the Youtube video. In the video I have explained about an internet marketing training centre review in where I have told about this keyword tool, if you have time watch it.

2. Don’t be scared with Competition

I know when you see that numbers in Google search engine then obviously the reaction will be like “So Many Competitor” how can you come to the first page. So don’t be scared on the numbers, competition is good and competition means that there is an opportunity to make money on that keyword. Just you have to learn how to optimize it your website to reach first of Google. Grab my making money online home business course than you will understand the exact steps to follow how to optimize your website and reach on first page of Google.

3. Don’t take competition a step back for your business

As I said competition in Google search engine is good and which means there is good opportunity to make money from that keyword and also make long term business with that keyword. Competition can never be your negative step back and go away from this business. Once you have learned the process and the steps how to reach first page than everything is quite easy to follow.

4. Don’t think competition is the factor for your success.

And also competition cannot be a factor for your success, let me give you a practical example. When you wake in the high street you will see plenty of Hair Saloon on high streets and all are doing good business. Same goes to internet marketing business as well, did the saloon people feared about the competition and did the competition is the factor for their business, the answer is NO. Google search engine result page competition cannot be your step back or neither factor to your success.

Write good quality content and write for search engine user not for the search engine, when you take out from your mind and keep focus that you are writing for search users then everything will be fine and easy to understand. Also you will get quality result than quantity results towards your success.

5. What actually need to do to compete with others?

Very simple answer to this question, if you want to compete others and stand with them in the search engine then you need to write high quality content where people will love to read your content and enjoy it. Obviously Google will automatically push your site to the top of search result because it is highly quality content, cause they know everything what visitors are doing when they go to web pages. Write high quality content, do not measure your content neither write for search engine, write for search users.

6. Is not all about competition?

It is about the search users, focus on search users, and follow the steps to properly optimize your website so Google can understand that you are trying to help the search users. Take out from your mind the competition numbers, once you have selected the keyword and you know that you can write high quality content then go for it. Do not stop for competition instead try to join the competition and prove that your content quality is good with the competitor pages.

7. Difference ways to understand competition on your market

When you do keyword research on your niche, there are plenty of related keyword will come up, skim through the keywords and understand what does these keyword means. Because once you find a good keyword and the competition crosses above 500 than it is quite difficult to beat the competitors cause that keyword is saturated. Move to the next quality keyword where you can understand that people who are searching for it they are really looking for something. If your website is shown with high quality content than obviously you will get high quality results.

So many difference ways to understand your niche through so many different related keywords.

Do share your question or comment below cause I also need to know your taught about Google search engine result page competition.

The tool to find good keyword with actual Google SERP competition is this one, where I always use it to find the competition number and good keywords. Basically I use Google Keyword tool to find the monthly search number and some good related keyword, then go to Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and find out the competition numbers.

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