How Clear Your Browser Cache, Cookies and Temporary Files

In online marketing sometimes some small things can also make a big factor and that’s why I have create this video for everyone who are suffering from their browsers cookies and cache.

As I am a web developer and online marketer I need this tool all the time and plenty of people calls and ask me how do they can clear their own browser cache & cookies to increase their laptop speed. So I though why not make a video and teach them live how to do it than plenty of people can also follow it.

Watch the video above to learn live or else you follow the below steps, just follow this steps to clear your browser cache, cookies and more

1. Download this software CCleaner and install to your PC.
2. Second open the software and select all the items which you don’t need. Watch my video and see what I have selected for both windows and Application
3. And press “run cleaner” button

Than it will clear all your browser cache and cookies in one go. No need to go each by each browser and clear your cache and cookie.

And it works only on windows version, not suitable for mac version. More technical things you can learn on downloadable page if you are a technical person.

Sometimes some silly things can be your barrier to success so hope this cookie stuffs does not become your barrier to succeed online

Post your question below if you have any.

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