According to do business online, you need lots kind of tools and resources to build strong and huge online business as it happens with any business whether it is online or offline you need all kinds of tools to grow your business.

But if you compare with offline and online, in online business you need less amount of tools compare with offline and very inexpensive, where offline business tools and resources are very expensive and most of the business man don’t even purchase the tools or resources to grow their business.

Where as online tools are very cheap and used all the time when ever we create a new website. For example you can take WordPress, to build a website now it became so easy and simple that with a push of a button you can a build a website and thanks to WordPress who created this amazing code and provided everyone for free so everyone can build a long term business.

Now if you compare with WordPress in offline business, no one in offline business can give this powerful tool or any tool to grow the business. Everybody those who do business offline have to pay for the tool and may be the cost is monthly, so what I am trying to say that if you decided to start a online business you need tools or resource to grow your online business compare with offline business. Decided to do online business, you have made a great decision.

Below are my favourite tools and the resources which I use them all the time whenever I open the computer.

Keyword Research: In order to do business online, keyword research is the most and the first important of doing business online, this stands first from everything. Some of them are FREE and some of them are paid, all of them are good receptively.

  • JaaxyIt is a web based keyword tool and very awesome paid keyword tool, I use this tool to find good keyword niche. Basically it helps you to find good targeted keyword with search and actual SERP competition. Plus you can check the domain for .com .net .org  instantly along with your chosen keyword.
  • Wealthy Affiliate: It has more than just keyword tool and it is a paid tool, basically it is similar with Jaaxy, Jaaxy provide domain search while Wealthy Affiliate does not. But it provide more than just keyword tool, which will be explained more below in the training center.
  • Keyword Optimizer Pro: Don’t lose the opportunity to download the fantastic FREE Keyword tool before it become as paid keyword tool, what it does is, it is different kind of keyword tool not like Google Keyword tool. Obviously it uses Google Keyword tool, but it use the Google search engine related keyword. For example when you type something in Google Search starting with letter “a”, as soon as you type the letter “a” drop down of keywords comes below it and that what this keyword tool does. Download it for FREE than you will understand what I am trying to say, yes they have tutorial as well how to use it.
  • Market Samurai: Very important keyword tool, this a paid keyword tool and desktop based software (does not run online), little bit expensive for new comer in online business but if anyone can effort it is very important keyword tool. Not only you can do keyword research but more than that like SEO competition, domain search and so on. If you visit and take the FREE trail to see how it works and what it provides
  • Keyword Blaze: It is awesome FREE keyword tool where you can not only do keyword search but also the completion and how to rank it. I like about this tool is it shows how many social signals the page has, for example   I can see how many Likes and Plus my competitor URL got. This tool will not be paid tool, cause the owner of the tool decided to give it FREE, but who knows if he decided to make it paid so before it become paid grab it as long as it is FREE.

And Google Keyword tool is one of the best keyword tool ever since affiliate business started. No need to get all the keyword tool and make yourself overwhelm with it, select and go for that keyword tool which fills your required and products results for you

I can’t guarantee anything that so on so keyword tool will work for you, everybody is different, some keyword tool works for me and some does not. It varies from people to people, but the concept & goal is the same, how to reach the goal is the question.

Web Hosting: For building any website you need web hosting and by now you might know it. Any way there are lots of web hosting out there and some of them provide for $1 per month as well but my favorite and long term web hosting is only one.

I believe staying with one web hosting is fine and there is a strong reason why I am with it, below you will find out who is the hosting provider and why I like them?

GVO: In my opinion they are the best web hosting company I every since in my entire life, I don’t know how Joel does it, he is good friend of mine. I don’t how he gives 4 Domain Hosting, 500 Subscriber Auto responder, 5 Video Hosting, Online Conference and Plus Internet Marketing Training for $1 7 days and $9.95 per month there after.

I am a Titanium member of GVO, it is the upgrade version of $9.95 and honestly $9.95 for all this service which you need all the time, it is very dam cheap for any marketer. Usually for this kind of service it might cross $1000+ per month and GVO is providing for $9.95, it is amazing.

Yes it has Cpanel, WordPress and all shorts of php stuffs, so nothing to worry about their service and products, all are high quality products with all tutorial videos. If someone needs more domain hosting, with just push of a button anyone can upgrade instantly for unlimited domain hosting.

Internet Marketing Training Centre: Below you will find the best training centre which I follow all the time and there is a reason behind on each training centre. Each training centre as it’s own features and benefits which I have mentioned below.

Wealthy Affiliate: Every day I visit wealthy affiliate because new thinks to learn from them, they are very good in what they doing. Mostly I like that they help a lot to others and from that you can learn lots of thing. Basically they are internet marketing coaching centre where thousand of people have become successful online just following what they teach.

Why I am with them because to stay up to date with the internet marketing trend and technique, tomorrow something comes new and I am not aware of that, if I am not aware of that than I will not stay with the internet marketing trends.

They provide weekly quality webnair’s, not selling anything just providing value to the community and for particular this reason I am still with Wealthy Affiliate.

All short of marketing training like Article Marketing, PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing, Email Marketing and all other training, good thing about it is, people inside the community helping each other and become successful so it worth to stay with them.

Chris Farrell: An amazing guy, if you want to learn from scratch how to build a website and even how to build a list and make 5 figure to 6 figure income per month than Chris Farrell is best person to learn from.

Honestly I like how he present to people, even a old grand dad who didn’t know much about computer, he can build a good amount of list and long term business online, have a look on his membership site.

Good thing about his is he updates to the community about the marketing trends like how to bring traffic to your website and so on. Those who want to learn how to build a list and how to do long term business by building list, he is the best mentor to learn

GVO Academy: Absolutely FREE Training on Internet Marketing and Network marketing, what I know is that they have every day live conference around 2 to 3 live training conference done by all successful people means all are making full time income online whether it is affiliate marketing or network marketing.

There is story with this conference one lady used to join this conference every day whenever it happens and now she become the trainer in the conference so you understand how good this people are on training, specially they are giving it for FREE which can be worth of $100 per month.

So anyone who does not have investment to learn how to business online, than can visit GVO academy and learn from them on per week basis.

Profit Storm: It is not any membership or any community website, it is just one strategy blueprint of marketing and one way of doing business online.

In this you will learn step by step how to make SIX Figure Income just following what he says and obviously you can add your own ideas and strategy to increase your business. Basically this will show a case study and hold your hand how to start business online.

I highly recommend this make money online education those who are really new, overwhelm, sceptical and also for everyone. It is very cheap, around under $30 bug you are getting SIX Figure Income blueprint in your hand and it is just one time fee only.

Other Favorite Tools

Twitter Adder: This tool is a desktop based software which will help you to increase your followers by quality way, not just spamming here and there. Set up the tool and it will run on automatically.

I use it for personal twitter account and niche twitter account, I set up it once and forget it, cause it running on auto pilot. Yes there is tutorial and FAQ how to do set up and basically how you can make money with it.

I have seen many twitter software and bought many twitter desktop software but at the end it does not product result or takes lots of my time. Yeah this twitter software is bit expensive but giving good result.

WP Clicks: It is WordPress plugin tool which helps to see live visitors on my website and study what they are doing, not only that I can track from where the visitors are coming from and what they clicking on.

This is really helpful once you understand what your visitors are doing live on your website.

It is a paid tool and highly recommend for those people who have start doing business online, if someone is brand new and does not know anything about online than they should not buy this product, once they understand how the affiliate business works, than they should get this tool.

Google Webmaster Central: If you are doing SEO marketing, this is the most important tool you every need, you don’t need any SEO software to check your ranking or what ever, this Google Webmaster tool is enough to see your website how it is doing in Search engine.

Google is not our enemy, Google loves those people who provides quality content, because they know that writing quality content takes time and effort and that is the reason they help all the webmaster to improve their website.

Google Webmaster tells everything about your website ranking for example you can see how many search queries of your website, at what position is your website ranked, how URL is index in search engine and so on. Whether anyone takes any above tools or not but when comes to SEO marketing or anything with search engine you need Google Webmaster.

Google Analytics: This is also one of my favourite tool ever, when you visit Google Analytics and add your website, they will give a code to add in the website and from that code we can track how is the website doing in terms of visitors, goals, traffic sources and many more. This is a basic in online business every body has it and every should have it.

Auto Responder: For email marketing you need auto responder and GVO is providing me auto responder along with web hosting and so on.

When anyone have started online business and start generating income than  next step they need to learn email marketing which is called Affiliate 2.0, so for email marketing you need Auto responder. I highly suggest GVO apart from Aweber and other auto responders cause GVO is providing more feature than just hosting for cheap price and quality. It is a facebook viral marketing tool, if you have joined GVO than just add your GVO username and you will get FREE credits per month.

What exactly it do is, it Virals your affiliate in facebook walls so it means if some clicks the like button which shown as pop up in the screen of your website or affiliate link, that person who clicked the like button your link will shown in his facebook wall so for example if that guy has 300 facebook friends and that means 300 facebook friends can potential clicks your link and among the 300 facebook friend any one clicks the like button again your link will be show in this wall too. It is an endless amount of viral going in facebook, I highly recommend this those who wants to do affiliate business.

More features are also included like building list with one click button, Coupon Codes for local business and much more with Video Tutorials.

Meetcheap: It is an online conference tool, where we can gather people in one room from worldwide and train them. People called them webnair, I called it web conference cause we are doing conference as people can chat, share and so on.

There are other competitors out there like Goto-meeting, Webbex, Talkfusion and so on. They are good but they are expensive compare with meetcheap who provides for $9.97/month for 100 Attendees.

I will use for Pre Record Facebook Platform Webnair, those who does teaching and education stuff they will love it. Don’t get me wrong affiliate and network marketer needs this as well depending on the situation.

This all are my favourite tools and resources to grow my business and I used them regularly and respectively, I know more quality tools will be added in our internet marketing trend as technology is improving everyday. Whenever I find a good resources and tools, I will definitely add over here and help you to grow your business more faster way.

Fakhrul Alam