Affiliate Portal Network Video Review and What To Do?

Affiliate Portal Network is platform where you learn how to earn up 10 income stream and hundreds of Dollars per referral and own by famous leader Brian Bear who is the top leader on plenty MLM programs. It is a system where multiple income of stream can be generated at the same time when you bring referral to this system and you can build your own list subscribers.

So your referral details is not going to Affiliate Portal Network list instead it is going to your own list and don’t worry if you don’t know how to do because there are plenty of videos showing you step by step what to do and what not to do. You just have to follow it.

Watch my video and learn what exactly you need to do in Affiliate Portal Network and how you can make full time income following it.

I am sharing below the video step by step method what exactly you need to do to earn good income from affiliate platform network and what exactly you need to do if you are not comfortable to watch the video.

Here are the steps to follow.Affiliate Portal Network Review

1. Once you registered everything, you need to login to your members area and watch the video under the big banner. Once you have watched the video click the big banner and start completing all the steps as mention in the screen shot

2. After completing all the links and adding your own business program into the platform than you next task will be to promote your affiliate link throughout internet and everywhere as much as you can.

How to promote your links, marketing ideas and source to promote

1. Clixsense, buying clixgrid and promoting your affiliate url, you will get huge amount traffic and some quality leads as well

2. Traffic Exchanges like easyhits4u, ilovehits and so on. Just Google traffic exchange you will find plenty of traffic exchange program

3. Making a video and submitting to youtube and submitting to plenty video directories, if you don’t have time you can use one of fiverr gig

4. Promote to your friends and family using social networks and tell them to just follow the videos and the follow the same process what you are doing.

5. Promote in classified sites like Gumtree, Craglist and so on

6. Build a website using GVO hosting and write a unique content, and start submitting unique article in article directories like ezinearticle, street article and so on. When you submit article to these article directories than you will get good quality visitor to your own website and people will start joining your affiliate portal network

7. Submit press release content and promote your website what you have built in step 6

8. Join 3 forums and starting doing chatting in the threads and help people to trust you and promote your website what you have built in step 6 in your signature link

9. Join social networks and share quality content and also share your affiliate links.

10. You can use Paid traffic like Google Adwords, MSN & Yahoo Adwords and other contextual advertising platform

11. You can use banners broker advertising network where you can get paid to advertise as well. Pick the banner from Affiliate Portal Network and promote in banners broker in business & commerce section

12. Learn internet marketing from Wealthy Affiliate as well to learn the up to date internet marketing technique. They will teach you how to a build a keyword based website where you can rank your website in search engine and get visitor through search engine.

13. Promote your affiliate links in safe list, solo ads and so on.

Basically I can increase the list of marketing places and ideas but the main task is you to follow it and do it. The more place you share your affiliate link the quality visitor your will get to your affiliate link but always remember not to share your affiliate links like crazy that you will count as spam.

Promote in quality way and nicely so the visitor will be happy and the platform where you advertise affiliate links.

Just focus on increasing the numbers of lead as much as you can, go for 2 lead per day to start and have a goal to reach 100 lead per day through the affiliate link than you will see how you are making money from GVO and other platform as well.

Once you achieve 50-100 leads per day than you can understand how your income flows without touching your PC. But for this you need to give some time, probably months to reach this 100 lead per day but make sure you need to achieve this target. If you don’t reach this target than trust me you will not make any money because this how other people make money online and live with online business which you can also do it just need time and effort to reach it.

If you have any question post your questions below in the comment section or otherwise contact me in social network

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