Ds Domination Review – Made My First Sale In Few Days

I am going to talk about DS Domination over here, I have joined recently and it was launched on October and i joined on November, was little skeptical with many questions like whether this copy and paste does really existed or just they are promoting it to make quick bucks and go away.

But I am wrong, I decide to join for $19 per month and any way there was 30 days money back guarantee so thought lets give a try. Before joining there was many questions liked “Is it does not violet amazon policy?”, “What if the customer receives the Invoice from Amazon?” and many other question raised in my mind. But after joining the DS Domination all the questions are answered in the video itself just need to use the common sense.

Here is my video after training with in few days “I Made My First Sale”, made little profit but I was trying it and it worked very well. Within just a few listing and I got the first sale for $56.99, I am really happy and excited. Now I will list more and more to make good profit for it, this kind of simple work we will never find anywhere on internet.

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Basically what you will learn over here that how to list on ebay.com taking the product from amazon and put up your profit margin and that’s it. But this moving products is really easy and any body can do it, in the training he not only teach this basic thing but there is much more information you need to know to make serious and full time income on it.

My friend Kevin is doing from 10 years without any problem or so. Imaging doing for decade this simple copy and paste thing just think how much money he has made now.

More then 83% of success rate, not even network marketing or affiliate product has made this kind of success rate and can not think about this percentage. Success rate means over here that DS Domination have total members of more than 10,000 who are following the exact same copy and paste thing, out of 10,000 members 83% has success rate.

That means 8300 members have made their fast profit and now they believed it moving towards huge profit to make full time income. No network marketing companies can even think about this success rate. If you take any network marketing company many of the people failed because they don’t make money from the product itself, the company keeps on pushing to recruit and recruit.

But in DS Domination you can recruit but they push you more to make money on the product itself not from promoting DS Domination. My message to you is that DS Domination is working, and working for me so it will work for you as well. Any questions? Just connect with me in social network and I will give my best to help you out and understand it more.

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  1. helene Says:

    So if it was this easy why would we join this program? What is stopping us from just starting to do what is in the video? Why do we have to pay $19 per month? Thanks!

  2. Fakhrul Alam Says:

    Hello Helene

    Thanks for your comment..

    You are not been stopped to do drop shipping from amazon to eBay. You can start from today itself if you want.

    You will spend $19 per month because they will teach YOU properly how to do business on eBay exactly and so you don’t get banned from eBay and make good amount of profit and many more inside..

    We all gave so much money on education, did college or UNI people thought for FREE, no they didn’t. WHY! because they have overhead and cost behind. Same goes here but it is far different from what education we have done and has spent so much money.

    Here they will teach exactly how to make profit on eBay and how to do real business from DAY ONE.

    $19 per month is for your training and more training is also available inside so that is the beginning.

    If you spend $19 and make at least $1000 per month, isn’t it worth to spend. Think about it.

    Type down here if you have any question on your mind..


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