What the heck Acme Phone Leads Is?

When Acme Phone Leads have launched in first to second week of february and it have done a great massive launched. All the team members of Acme People Search Lite have jumped into Acme Phone Leads including me because of the value what the system provided to affiliates.

You might be thinking what the heck this thing is now opened with the competitive market. But you will be explained now what exactly it is in short overview.

here if you are new to Acme Phone Leads.

Acme Phone LeadsI have joined Acme Phone Leads because I believe & trust the co-founder who is Tissa Godavitarne because he is in one of the top Internet marketer  and he understand what customers value is and what does affiliates need. If you want to know his full story you can read over here. Acme Phone Leads what he have created for the customers and affiliate is awesome and for that reason I have jumped into Acme Phone Leads.

Still what the heck Acme Phone Leads Is?

Ok let me ask you few questions. Do you understand what is affiliate marketing is? Do you understand what is internet marketing is? If you do understand than it will be great for me to explain you properly. Basically affiliate marketing means selling others people products from example Acme People Search, it is a affiliate program where affiliate will come and promote the product through acme people search and get commission up to 75% depending on the products.

Other example are like Clickbank, cj and so on, this is what called affiliate marketing (promoting others people westernunion agents product and getting paid).

Exactly it works with Acme Phone Leads. Now if you are an affiliate marketer you will ask me a question definitely that is “I do understand what is clickbank, cj and so on, but what does Acme Phone Leads means”. Very simple, what Acme Phone Leads done is rather than creating vendor who creates product they went to the local business and said them we will promote your business to people.

Acme Phone leads affiliates will promote the local business shops products or service to customer who are looking for it.

You might be thinking how Acme Phone Leads can promote local business shops products and services. Very simple this local business shops do business and their business are depends on new customers and mostly on existing customer. But out of them some local business shops purely depends on new customer for example solicitor, accountant and so on.

So we go the owners of the local business shops and tell them that we will not charge anything from them unless they don’t get any new customer from us.

They only have to pay us whenever we pass them a quality leads. So whenever their phone rings through our protal they have to pay us when we bring to them a new lead.

So in the system there are more than 230 local business offers to promote and growing day by day. These offer are great to promote because if you think as a Internet marketer there is next to none affiliates competitors promoting this offers.

Where as other affiliate networks have thousands of affiliates for a single product for example clickbank, cj and so on.

How the Acme Phone Leads Payment System Works?

The system is very simple. Acme Phone Leads pays the affiliate in two ways. First ways is promoting westernunion agents the network offer, affiliates get paid whenever they bring new lead to the local business offers. So the payments structure works like this.

$10.00 if >= 4 minutes 0 seconds
$20.00 if >= 12 minutes 0 seconds
$30.00 if >= 18 minutes 0 seconds
$40.00 if >= 24 minutes 0 seconds
$50.00 if >= 30 minutes 0 seconds

So this is how affiliate get paid whenever they promote any offers and brings new lead to the local business shop.

The other way payment is introducing this Acme Phone Leads delivery to other affiliate who wants to make real money and helping the local business. Affiliates brings affiliates and they get paid for 5 levels deep and 90%  is given to the affiliates.

Acme Phone Leads

The payment structure is beautifully designed in the system so just need to read it.

How to start with Acme Phone Leads?

If you are already an Acme Phone Leads member than you don’t need to read this paragraph, start learning and putting into action promoting the offers.

Don’t know nothing about how internet marketing and how it works than I recommend you to start learning internet marketing and start promoting the network offers.

You can check the forums and put down your question into it the forum so other Acme Phone Leads members will help you.

But I recommend you to join a training coaching membership site if you have funds and willing to learn Internet marketing. One of the training center I like is Wealthy Affiliates who are the number one Internet marketing training provider and I am one of their member as well, so if you join them they will teach you exactly where to start and how to start.

You can also post your question below in the comment and I will answer it or you can contact me directly or you can learn from my online marketing course which also teach step by step how to start a successful online business

If you didn’t joined than you can join now and start promoting Acme Phone Leads

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