Don’t Do the Mistake What I Have Done On Banners Broker

Within few week times joining on Banners Broker I have done some silly mistake and which I don’t want you to face that mistake. I want to alert before you join in Banners Broker, learn what your sponsor says and follow exactly what he says than you will make more money.

Watch out the video and I have explained exactly what you need to do and what mistake you don’t need to do. Don’t fall into my shoe.

Below the video I have shared the mistake as well in written so you can have a quick read before you watch the video. But in video you will learn exactly what mistake I have done.

Here is the mistakes what I have done in banners brokerBanners Broker

1) Purchased the wrong Package..

I have purchased the blue package instead of green package because I thought that banners broker won’t work but after few days I realized that I made huge mistake and I lost almost $400 which would be in my pocket and that’s fine we learn from our mistake.

Everybody needs to go for green package because if you purchase $415 you will get Yellow Panel, Purple Panel, Blue Panel and Green Panel which are worth of $400 and within 6-8 month period of time which you can withdraw $700 – $800 in your pocket so you have invested $415 dollar and you got back $700 in your Payza or solid trust pay account.

But what mistake I have done, I went to blue package and lost $400 straight away. So I don’t want anyone to do this mistake, always go for red package or green package.

2) Done 50% set and lost $10.

When I purchased blue package, they give me one Yellow Panel, one Purple Panel and one Blue Panel. Yellow panel takes about 21 days to 30 days to finish and you can set into 50% or 100%. If you set 50% than you can withdraw $10 in your payza account straight away but what silly mistake I have done that I need to set 100% so banners broker will give me 2 Yellow Panels which is worth $40 worth and can withdraw $20 so I lost $10 because first time purchasing package you don’t need traffic to qualify it so I lost $10 straight away but guess what I have set 100% to purple and blue so I will make good money and not make the mistake what I have done with Yellow panel.

3) Didn’t learn properly from my sponsor.

What I have done I didn’t asked properly to my sponsor what to do best so I can make good money, I straight away started to purchase the panels but what I should do is go for recruiting people. Because if I purchase more panels I need traffic to qualify the panel but if you recruit you don’t need to purchase traffic so I always recommend people when they purchase package always start sharing to other and teach exactly what you have done.

4) Didn’t use my banner impression.

The main product is banner impression so if you don’t use the banner impression than there is no point to join banners broker. I didn’t start using banner impression and always focusing on the panels and so on. My suggestion is when people start purchasing package they need to use banner impression and test the product because that is the main product for banners broker

5) Not Started Sharing to my friend and family.

Whenever you purchase the package whether green or red, start sharing to your friends and family and tell exactly what you have done to them. I have not promote to my friend and family because I taught let me first make money than I will share to others but in my minds says in 2-3 years old company and every people are making money than why not start sharing to others.

No one is compulsory to share the opportunity to others still they can make huge amount of money but sharing to other will also help others.

6) Didn’t make the plan for new comers.

So here is the plan for new people who are thinking to join banners broker and what exactly they need to do.

Start with Green Package or Red Package and wait for the money to be double and start using the banner impression. You can use banners impression promoting banners broker itself and probably people may start joining through your banner. And start sharing to your friend and family because whenever they purchase any panel you will get traffic so you can qualify your unqualified panels

So if you purchase Green Package which is $415 and within 6-8 months period you will can withdraw $700 – $800 in your Payza account plus $800 in your banners broker account where you can qualify them any time whenever you have traffic.

Let’s take an example with green package.

You bought $415 Green Package and within 6 months it is now $800 but remember you have to pay $15 every month so 6 times $15 is $90. Here what you can withdraw $800-$90 = $710. So $710 you can withdraw straight to your Payza or Solid Trust Pay Account.

To start with I would suggest everyone to start Green or Red package and wait for 6-8 months and start sharing to your friend and family.

I hope you will not make the mistake what I have done and learn from my mistake. If you are new to banners broker you can join my team and I will help you to understand banners broker and how to make 5 figure income in 1 year time.

Any question post in the comment below or you can connect within social network and message me anytime.

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