People are now a day tends to see more videos than reading the content because plenty of people understand more in visualization than reading any content in books or website.

Submitting videos to all video website are very powerful than submitting your article to all article directories because it is easy for the online marketer to promote and it is easy for the visitor to watch it and understand websites list

Below are the lists of 40 updated video websites where you can submit your video and give a buzz to your company or promote or give backlink to your website or for any purpose.

But make sure you create unique video and submit to all this below video websites with unique catchy title and unique description. Don’t copy anything from your website or article and mention into description because video are tends to index and rank faster more than normal contents of website.

If any copy content found in the video description than Google and other major search engine will detect your video description as duplicate content which will not help your video to get ranked in search engine. Always write unique video description and helpful content where viewer can get some knowledge from the description.

New Homepage

Above are all updated video list where you can submit your video and get visitors or backlink to your website. Yes first you need to create account in each and every one, also make sure when you create account you properly optimize your profile and give your website link in your profile address. So you are getting two backlinks to your website one from your profile and one from the video itself if you provide the link in the description.

Yes don’t forget to provide your website link in the video description before any text so people can easily click the link and visit your website for example you can check my Youtube channel and understand from it.

If you don’t have time you can outsource it completely from fiverr but one thing you will not get from fiverr is that they will not create account for you.

So what you can do is create accounts in all this above video list and write down the account details in a excel sheet and pass the account details to fiverr and they will start submitting your video if you are not ok to submit the video in their account channel

One more thing if you can write unique video description and unique video title to each video website than it will get index and ranked faster than ever and start getting visitor to your website. Yes it is time consuming but it helpful to get the entire video links index and ranked in the search engine

I hope the video list really helped you to expand your marketing and promoting your website or product or company.

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